Altium Group

Altium_logo_bordAltium was established in 1997 to provide tailored solutions, primarily for the life science and analytical chemistry industries. We provide innovative answers to client requirements, from clinical and laboratory project management, the biotechnology, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to academia.

As a privately held investment company with a head office near the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, we have subsidiaries in Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey, with third party representation in Azerbaijan and Kosovo. We also maintain a close network of associates throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Our employees are the foundation of our progress and development. This is why we have created a positive and supportive environment in which everyone can show their full potential, creating partnerships based on trust in which each individual can act with full self-confidence.

The life sciences and analytical chemistry services we provide are based on world-leading products from identified leading partners.

These include:

  • Pre-sales consulting
  • Laboratory project management
  • Application development & implementation
  • After-sales support for all installed products
  • Personnel training services
  • A range of associated products from other principals