At LABICOM we believe that our employees are the Company, and our aim is to hire the best-qualified people to work at the highest levels of performance in a fair and rewarding workplace. Skilled, dedicated employees who enjoy their work are essential ingredients for achieving our goals at LABICOM.

We offer solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of analytical chemistry.

The company was established in 1997. Since then we have been dynamically growing.
In 2014, we became a part of the Altium group, based in Switzerland. We are economically strong company that meets all its obligations.

We offer interesting job opportunities for industry professionals who want to grow with us.
We are looking for positively thinking and proactive team players.
We are giving the opportunity to participate in our business development and creation of company strategy.

Our Mission

In the world, in nature, stagnation does not exist. There is only growth or fall so where everything in motion there is no way to stay stagnant and wait. Companies have to choose between two possibilities, to GO forward or to GO backward. There is nothing in between…