New products of Macherey-Nagel!

New products of Macherey-Nagel!

  • Polypropylene micro-insert, 0.1 mL,with integrated spring, 100 pcs.
    Fields of application for plastic micro-inserts are:
    – Ion chromatography (IC), heavy metal analysis, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), Capillary Electrophoresis(CE + CE/MS)
    – for usage in the analysis of polar compounds, such as proteins, amines or phenols
    – for aqueous and pH-sensitive samples in HPLC
  • Magnetic screw cap N 9 for CTC GC PAL®and identically constructed autosamplers


  • Pre-sealed screw neck vialsN 24 (EPA)


  • Vial rack for 10 mL + 20 mL Headspace vials with Ø 23 mm max.


  • Vial container for 8 mL + 12 mL screw neck vials for sample storage


  • Change of the packaging unit of 70209.1 from 60 pieces to 88pieces

More information you can find here: New products – vials and caps Q4_2017.

Other sortiment from our portfolio vials and caps you can find here. In case of wuestion please do not hesitate to contact us.