High Performance Liquid Chromatography – Accessories

  • HPLC/UHPLC columns, guard columns, filters for LC – Agilent Technologies. Machery-Nagel, Halo Fused-Core, Microsolv Technologies, SIELC Technologies, Supelco, SMI-Labhut, SEPAX, IMTAKT, CHIRAL Technologies, GS-Tek, Thermo Scientific, SGE
  • Fittings, capillaries for LC- UHPLC fittings, HPLC fittings
  • Spare parts for LC – spare parts for pumps, detector lamps, and other parts from different producers
  • System VapLock bottles for mobile phases – “closed system” containment for lab solvents, reduce evaporation of organic reagents, store solvent securely on common laboratory vessels, reduce exposure to harmful lab chemicals. You can choose from the wide offer of manifolds with different number of adapters.
  • Solvent recirculation – a solvent conservation system designed to recycle uncontaminated solvents used in isocratic HPLC processes. In most systems, a high percentage of the mobile phase can be recycled and re-used which saves money by reducing solvent consumption and disposal costs.
  • Columns packers – Save time, money, and gain control by packing your own capillary columns.
  • Frits
  • Lamps for detectors

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