HPLC columns

agilentAgilent Technologies
HPLC/UHPLC columns, ZORBAX type columns, Poroshell columns. Chiral, ionex, columns for GPC, for bioseparation. Additionaly the possibility of use of different sorbents to packed your own columns. Different types of guard columns. LC Columns, LC – Applications
Macherey-Nagel wide offer of modern HPLC/UPLC columns for daily rutine work and special application Catalogue – HPLC






products-header-halo-5HALO Fused-Core
Ultra Fast HPLC columns HALO from Advance Materials Technology, first commercially available HPLC columns manufactured with technology CORE-SHELL. More than five years on the market. The overview about HALO FUSED-CORE columns. Detailed information you can find in full Halo catalogue.
logo1Microsolv Technologies
Microsolv Technologies offers the column sorbents based on SILICA type-C (Si-H content). Polymeric columns Jordi.
More information you can find on the website Microsolv Technologies.
SIELC_LogoSIELC Technologies
Columns based on Liquid Separation Cell (LiSC) – new approach for separation of small molecules Columns for effective resolution of proteins and peptides. Excellent type of guard columns for direct connection with analytical column.
More information you can find on the website SIELC Technologies.
SUPELCO the wide offer of top quality HPLC/UHPLC columns. Ascentis, Ascentis Express, Discovery, Supelcosil, Supelcogel and packed columns of other vendors.
Ascentis ExpressDiscovery HPLC
Scherzo – columns with Multi-mode ODS structure – possibility of working at cation/anion exchange, normal and reversed phases. Cadenza i Unison – top quality columns for separation of the wide spectrum of analytes. Intrada is useful for protein separation. More information you can find on the website Imtakt.
chiralLogoCHIRAL Technologies
Chiral HPLC columns packed with material from Diacel. Immobilization of the phase on the amylose or celulose base, which are applied on the silica gel. New column generation use 3 μm particles. Chiral columns working in RP mode are suitable also for LC-MS applications. Columns packed with special phases. Chromtech chiral columns.
Columns Venusil use patent technology for phase immobilization on silicagel. Suitable for polar compounds. Packed colums are characterized by high stability and reproducibility of columns. More information you can find on the website GS-Tek or in catalogue.
Thermo_logo_wThermo Scientific
Hypersil columns, classic and for special applications (for PAH), Hypersil GOLD columns for LC and LC-MS applications, HyperCarb polymeric columns for carbohydrate analysis, alcohols and other analytes. Aquasil columns. More information you can find in on-line catalogue.
OT_F_PreCGuard columns, trap columns, fittings, filters
The summary of the available products you can find in the catalogue of the Optimized Technologies.