Gas chromatography – accessories

  • GC columns, guard columns – Capillary columns – SUPELCO, Quadrex Corporation, Vici Valco, General Separation Technologies (GS-Tek), Agilent Technologies (+J&W, Varian), SGE. Others: Restek, Chrompack, … Capillary guard columns, fittings, splitters, packed columns.
  • Ferrules – different types of ferrules for common applications in GC.
  • GC injection septa – used for different types of GC injection system.
  • GC injection liners – proper for split, splitless and other injection.
  • Gas traps and purifiers – used to remove oxygen, trace amounts of water and organics, combination special traps, cartridge type.
  • MSD accessories – fibers for MSD and their service, electron multipliers, oils for rotary and diffusion pumps, vacuum pump filter kits, MS Novent system, cleaning kits for MS sources.
  • Flow meters, rotameters, gas leak detector – digital electronic flow meters, digital bubble flow meters, classic bubble flow meter, snoop, rotameters, gas detectors.

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