Sample preparation – accessories

  • SPE – Solid Phase Extraction- columns, cartridges, tubes, connectors of SPE columns, membrane and SPEC discs, Filtrace_SpeedFlowimmunoaffinity columns and accessories, vacuum manifolds for SPE and spare parts, pumps.
  • SPME (Solid-phase micro extraction), manual fiber holders, fibers, liners, septa, mixers, accessories for SPME autosamplers.
  • FLASH columns – columns, sorbents.SPE kolonky
  • SPDE – SPDE (Solid-phase dynamic extraction) stationary phases, utensils for autosamplers for SPDE (CTC, HTA).
  • MEPS (Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent) MEPS’ needles, sorbents, utensils for autosamplers for MEPS.
  • Filtration – syringe filters, membranes, extraction thimbles, filter Syringe-filtrs-Lcircles, folded filters, technical cuts, pumps, filtration systems/equipment for filtration.

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