Laboratory Consumables

  • Vials, septa, caps and other consumables – crimp meck vials, screw neck vials, snap ring vials, etc.macherey_akce_vialky
  • Valves – On-off and regulatory valves, needle valves, different valves configurations from vendors Rheodyne and Vici-Valco. two-position, mutiposition valves, manual, with air or electric acutator. Optimal design according to temperature, pressure,…
  • Microsyringes – for manual and automatic injectors. Changable and fixed needles with different . Syringes for different applications. Consumables for syringes. Vendors: Hamilton and SGE
  • Tubings for chromatography, capillaries, tube and adapter fittings – capillaries with different internal diameter, different wall thickness, choice of capillary material – stainless steel, teflon, copper, PEEK.. tubing – fittings, elbows, tees, reducers, …
  • Accessories for capillary cuttings – cutters for different capillary material.
  • Small laboratory consumables – glassware, products made from inert materials etc.