Gas Chromatography

  • GC, GC-MS – Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry with Triple Quadrupole (3Q) and Time of Flight (TOF), Real Time Gas plynova-chromatografie-gcAnalyzer (RTGA).
  • Sample injection – autosamplers for gas samples, headspace, SPME, multifunctional injectors CTC, thermal desorption and systems for sample pyrolysis.
  • Special detectors – IRD3 – Infrared detector designed for GC, Pulse Discharge Detector (PDD) from Vivi Valco.
  • Automatic Calibration – automatic gas standard preparation system in the wide range of concentration from primary gases, gas mixtures or liquids.
  • GCxGC – Due to fast technical development the two dimensional gas chromatography is gaining wider attention. The system is simplier and more available.
  • Hydrogen sensor – for monitoring of hydrogen leakage, for early warning of danger of explosion.

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