Fusion TOC

The Fusion Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer and TekLink™ Software offer solutions for increased sample throughput while improving the reliability of the analysis data. A few of the features that provide increased ease of use are:

  • Unattended auto-calibration monitoring
  • Automatic dilution capabilities from stock standards or samples
  • Intellidilution for automatically diluting a sample back into calibration range.
  • Automated self-diagnostic tools including leak check
  • 21 CFR 11 functionality – Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures (ERES) including audit trails and user-account management
  • Exportable reports in user-definable formats including metadata and versioning
  • Turn-key method development and schedule builder​
  • Mass Flow Controller (MFC) for reduced gas consumption and enhanced flow control


– EPA 415.1, 415.3 and 9060A
– Standard Method 5310C, ASTM D4779 and D4839
– prENV 13370 and USP TOC method <643>/ ep 2.2.44/ JP

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