Water Analysis

Mant_LOGO_wWe offer you the modular system MANTECH for paraler measurements of physico-chemical parameters mainly of liquid samples by titration and electrochemical methods. System enables the measurement of fifteen parameters in one sample. According to modular design we can prepare the system suitable for your laboratory. You can have a complex system for single sample or you can analyse up to 197 samples. Other advantage of the modular system is upgrate possibility according to your
laboratory development. Basic functions and accessories of MANTECH system you can find in the brochure.

Applications and main required parameters:Mant_PCBOD_w

  • Environmental Analysis (the only system approved by EPA)
    – pH
    – basicity
    – water hardness
    – turbidity
    – colour
    – conductivity
    – NH3
    – CL
    – F
    – other ions by ISE,
    – Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
    – Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)Mant_PeCOD_w
    – Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Food Analysis
    – acidity
    – CL
    – SO32- (wine)
  • Petrochemistry

    – Total Base Number (TBN) and Total Acid Number (TAN)

  • Medicine
    – acid/basic titration
    – ascorbic acid (Vit C)
    – Cl

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate and contact us via e-mail. Mant_TitraSip1_w