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Honeywell Fine Chemicals

When Riedel and de Haën started to produce and deliver fine chemicals almost 200 years ago the company quickly gained reputation for the high level of purity and consistency and its name Riedel-de Haën was recognized for these qualities. Today our mix of high end fine chemicals sold under Honeywell Fine Chemicals stands for technological expertise, high-quality and high purity manufacturing and still serves the specific needs of a growing base of customers worldwide. Honeywell Fine Chemicals is part of the Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) Business Group. Most of Honeywell´s Fine Chemicals are produced by Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze GmbH in Seelze, near Hanover (Germany). The diversified chemical portfolio is manufactured for a wide variety of applications.

Key Markets Served
  • Sealants & Adhesives

Honeywell Fine Chemicals provide a wide range of catalysts and curing agentsadhesive to serve the requirements of the Sealants & Adhesives industry. By leveraging our expertise in the synthesis and industrial scale up of high purity and tailor made inorganic chemicals we have developed a strong reputation for serving the needs of this market sector. Honeywell Riedel-de Haën© pioneered the commercialization of tailor made activated manganese (IV) oxide as a curing agent for polysulphide sealants and this technology has been instrumental in facilitating the recent growth of these sealants in the insulating glass sector construction industry and aerospace.

Katalog (pdf) – Manganese(IV) Oxide Curing Agents for sealants

  • Catalysts & Catalytic Precursors

We manufacture a wide range of catalysts and catalyst precursors to servezinn-image the requirements of various industries utilizing inorganic catalyzed processes. Our products are used by numerous Multinational Chemical Companies as catalysts and catalytic precursors for chemical processes & polymer synthesis or in emission catalysts. As environmental regulations drive industry toward higher performing and more environmentally friendly catalysts, Honeywell is working closely with its customers to develop the leading catalytic products of the future.

Katalog (pdf) – Catalysts and Catalyst Precursors

  • Metal Treatment

We have developed a long established position as a supplier to the metal workingMetal-Ravne5 sector by leveraging our leadership and expertise in inorganic fluorine chemistry to produce high purity metal fluoroborates, metal fluorides, borates and other more complex fluorine derivatives, such as hexafluorotitanic acid and hexafluorozirconic acid. We offer a comprehensive range of both standard and tailor made fluorine derivatives that are used in the manufacture of specialist welding, soldering and brazing flux agents, grain refining products, alloying agents and hardeners for downstream applications of aluminium metal.

Katalog (pdf) – Metal Surface Treatment & Finishing

  • Electroplating

In the electroplating finishing sector we offer a diverse range of high purityElectroplating metal derivatives and auxilliary inorganic chemicals for electroplating solutionformulators. We have developed a long standing reputation as a key and trusted supplier to this sector. Our compre hensive product range includes high purity  metal fluoroborates, metal  fluoride derivatives. We are also recognized as a reliable  supplier of a series of methane sulfonate, sulfamate, and sulfate derivatives.

  • Oral Care

We develop and produce high purity inorganic ingredients for the majority of thetoothbrush high-end oral care multinational companies. Honeywell is synonym of brand risk mitigation and is viewed as an innovator and technology partner by drawing on its long-standing experience to develop technical solutions for its customers. Our products are used in both dentistry and oral care applications.

Katalog (pdf) – Personal and oral care

  • Pharma

Inorganic ingredients from Honeywell find many uses in a wide variety of life sciences applications.small pharma These high purity products have a high level of qualityconsistency guaranteed for specialized applications. Our inorganic fine chemicals comply with the analytical standards and specifications of all important inter nationally recognized pharmacopoeias.

  • Food, Beverage and Nutrition

To support the needs of this market our fine chemicals offer a wide range of high purity minerals in food istock_photo_of_calcium_supplementsgrade. They are suitable for formulation in a variety of beverages and for the fortification in food products. Responsible manufacturers rely on the top quality and  high degree of purity of Honeywell additives with their standard level of consistency guaranteed, especially to develop and produce premium ingredients for infant food, sports and energy drinks.

  • Capabilities and Manufacturing Resources

Honeywell’s strengths cover a wide range of technical capabilities such aschemicals-manufacturing_img complex inorganic chemistries, ultra high purification up to ppt levels, as well as flexible batch manufacturing, global logistics and innovative applications support. Honeywell specializes in consistently delivering very consistent batch-to-batch product quality. The site operates more than 50 key product lines and produces batches ranging from kg to multi-metric tons.

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