Honeywell Fluka™

flukaHere you can find:

  • Titration reagents for:
    – Acidimetric / alkalimetric titration
    – Redox titration
    – Complexometric titration
    – Precipitation titration
    – Non-aqueous titration
  • pH buffers pH 1.00 – 13.00
  • Indicators
  • Product line Trace SELECT – inorganics for trace and low-metal content analysis
  • Hydranal™ – Karl Fischer titration
    Honeywell’s premium quality Riedel-de Haën products for pyridine-free water determination by Karl Fischer titration (KF titration) comprise one- and two-component reagents for volumetric and reagents for coulometric Karl Fischer titrations. HYDRANAL™ E-type reagents are ethanol-based. Also available are water standards for titer standardization, pH buffering reagents, special reagents for aldehydes and ketones and other solubilizing agents.