Honeywell Hydranal™

Hydranal™ – reagents for water determination by Karl-Fischer titration.



  • One component reagent – Hydranal  Composite – for volumetric Karl Fischer titration. It contains iodine, sulfur dioxide, imidazole and 2 – methylimidazole, dissolved in diethyleneglycol monoetyl ether (DEGEE). DEGEE improves the stability of reagents and the concentration loss is less than 5 % per year. Hydranal – Composite is free of pyridine and 2-methoxyethanol.




  • Two-component reagent – HydranalSolvent/Titrant – Two component reagents are separated in two solutions: the solvent and the titrant. Hydranal Solvent contains sulfur dioxide and imidazole in methanol. Hydranal Titrant – iodine with a precisely defined concentration in methanol. The reagents are made at two concentrations: 5 mg/ml a 2 mg/ml. The product line Hydranal E has a reduced toxicity due to replacement of methanol with ethanol. The reaction is very fast and the lower content of water is analyzed more accurate. The titrants have a shelf life of three years, the solvents five years, as long as the bottles are unopend.
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  • Hydranal Coulomat – for low water content, coulometric titration. (Hydranal-Coulomat E, Hydranal-Coulomat A, Hydranal-Coulomat CG, Hydranal-Coulomat E, Hydranal-Coulomat AD, Hydranal-Coulomat AG, Hydranal-Coulomat AG-H, Hydranal-Coulomat AK)
  • HydranalCoulomat Oil – coulometric water determination in oils
  • HydranalMethanol Rapid – contains accelerants that speed up the reaction in comparison to methanol based reagents
  • Hydranal– K Types – designed for water determination in aldehydes and ketones
  • Hydranal – E Types – for volumetric and coulometric titration, the product line with ethanol replacing the toxic methanol
  • Hydranal Water Standards – standards with certified water content
  • Free of toxic pyridine and 2-metohxyethanol (2-ME)
  • Fast reaction
  • Stable end point of titration
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Wide spectrum of applications