Solvents – Honeywell Chromasolv™ and TraceSELECT®




TraceSELECT™ Solvents
  • For inorganic trace analysis, metal speciation analysis by LC-ICP-MS
  • Rigorous purification procedures
  • UV spectroscopy, IC and ICP-MS testing to assure high chemical purity and high UV-transmittance
  • The blank values for metal traces are in the ppb range or even lower


Chromasolv ™ Solvents
Solvents for LC



Solvents of LC-MS Ultra Chromasolv ™ grade: ultrachromasolv1

  • UHPLC-UV gradient application test
    Proves high lot to lot consistency, extremely low background
  • Suitability tested by UHPLC-MS TOF
    Tested in both positive and negative mode with tight specs
  • Bottled in white borosilicate glass
    Minimizes MS-adduct formation due to very low leaching of alkali ions out the glass over time
  • Microfiltered (0.1 µm)


Solvents for GC