Active water sampling

When choosing the proper water sampling you have to consider the following parameters:
– volume of the sample (500 ml – 30 l)
– sample matrix
– type of analysis (microbiology – if the sterilization of the vessel is possible? heavy metals – if the sampling system is all-plastic?)
– the depth of the sampling
– the location of sampling system (vertical or horizontal)
– the width of the sampled object (e.g. sampling from the tubes)
– it is required to have a transparent sampling container?
– what kind of analysis will be provided (quantitative or qualitative?)

Several basic types of samplers can be found in the leaflet “Water sampling – Hydrobios”.
More information can be found in the catalog of “Sampling devices – Hydrobios” or contact us via email.
The offer of bottles for water samples you can find in the section “Laboratory consumables”.

Passive water sampling

Passive samplers are divided according to the type of analytes and are designed for:
– Lipophilic compounds and VOCs
– Hydrophilic compounds
– Metals and nonmetals

Basic overview of passive samplers can be found in the leaflet “Passive samplers – Exposmeter”.

Sampling of biological water samples

The Plankton Nets acc. to Apstein, used in limnological investigations, are manufactured in various shapes and sizes. MOnyl synthetic tissue is used as sieve material. The standard mesh size of the Plankton Nets acc. to Apstein is 55 micron, which is used for the collection of Phytoplankton. For collection of Zooplankton the nets are available with a mesh size of 335 microns. For special requirements select mesh sizes between 55 and 780 microns.

Plankton Nets acc. to Apstein







Other types of plankton nets in Hydrobios offer:

  • Nansen Closing Net
  • Neuston Net acc. to David/Hempel Model 300
  • High Speed Plankton Collector ”Nackthai”
  • IKMT Isaacs-Kidd Midwater Trawl Net
  • Hensen-Egg, Heligoland, Nansenova, WP2 net and others
  • Multiple Plankton Sampler

Other products for biosampling from Hydrobios company: 

  • Visibility Disc acc. to Secchi (dimeter 200 mm, weight 1.7 kg)
  • Small dip net for bottom sampling
  • Sediment Trap acc. to Saarso

Detailed information can be found in the catalogue “Sampling systems – Hydrobios”.

For more information contact us via e-mail.