MS software

  • IAA – a software for substance identification based on measured isotopic ratio of the individual ion intensities.
  • MS Spectral Libraries – the spectral library for mass spectrometry NIST, WILEY, combined NIST+WILEY library, Designer Drugs library, library Maurer-Pfleger-Weber. There are also special libraries for specific groups of substances. In case of your interest in these libraries, please contact us.
  • SIMION 3D – represents the standard for calculating the charged particle movement in an electric field.
  • CPO – charged Particle Optics is a software developed for the same reason as SIMION. However, there are more advanced setup options and other options to set various parameters of the electric field, including the calculation of ion loss, collision probability etc.
  • MS Calculator – software for the calculation of the elemental composition, the molecular weight, fragmentation and isotope ratios from the measured spectra.
  • MS Conversion – software designed to convert the data file format between different manufacturers of GC/GCMS systems.