We provide service of instruments supplied by our company and also post warranty service of chromatographic instrumentation of brands HP, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters and others. For all these devices we offer regular preventive maintenance and operational qualifications at very reasonable prices. For more specific information about our services and prices, please contact us at
">e-mail address. Outside the field of chromatography, we service gas generators of brands PEAK Scientific and F-DGS, as well as automated sample preparation devices, for example, CTC Combipal, SPE machines, sample concentrators, and more.

  • Installation
    Installation of all supplied instruments performed by trained service engineers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Preventive Maintenances
    Preventive maintenance of chromatographic instruments is performed in compliance with the procedures of individual manufacturers.
  • Extended Maintenances
    Besides the common range of preventive maintenances by the manufacturer´s procedures for the type and brand of the particular instrument, there are further options to offer specific extensions of classical preventive maintenances consisting mostly of measuring operating parameters such as the flow rate of the mobile phase, temperatures in the individual zones or the accuracy of the HPLC gradient.
  • Operational Qualifications
    Operational Qualifications are performed by trained and certified personnel using calibrated tools and gauges with softwareV-kit-Logo-web-100px-200313 product called V:kit5. We are an authorized distributor of the brand V:kit. Qualifications performed by this product allow us to set up own tests and related testing criteria. The particular qualification procedure can be set for any brand of instrument either entirely in line with the original validation procedure given by the manufacturer or according to the most frequently used measurement parameters. Everything for a simple reason – to meet the requirements for the chromatographic system.
  • Calibration and upgrade firmware pump GilAir Plus on the system from Sensidyne compmany. Upgrade is done with your own pump and subsequently in dock stand.Below is a list of improvements unlocked with the release of GilAir Plus Firmware V 2.4:
    1. PC ApplicationLow flow backpressure increased to 40” H2O to meet ISO 13137. Feature is selectable due to different fault criteria.
    2. Run-on-Dock – Continuous operation available through the dock with NiMH battery pack. No longer requires DC pack.
    3. Added more complete data in the review screen for STP and fault identification.
    4. Added capacity to store, display, and log negative temperatures and expanded
      temperature resolution.
    5. Added additional units of measure for backpressure and STP pressure readings.
    6. Data transfer times to Gilian CONNECT reduced and download no longer downloads data already present in the database.

    -Pump upgrade is possible from the Version 1.1. You will get the calibration and upgrade firmware protocol.

  • Old Chromatographs Recoveries We often have requests for the old chromatographs recoveries. Most of these instruments are stored in a warehouse due to some defect but many of them can be put into operation again by our repair. We can arrange repairs of such devices, assembling a functional instrument from several discarded instruments  and its verification.
  • Training
    We offer individual and group training sessions focused on the development of chromatographic methods and chromatographic analysis, troubleshooting and trainings to work with software Clarity DataApex.clarity
  • Application Support
    All instruments supplied (GC, HPLC, GPC, extraction device, and preconcentration of sample preparation) can be also additionally supplied with application support focused on specific demands by agreement. We can also provide development of appropriate applications and their introduction at the specific workplace. Consulting about your specific issues by phone/ email is also possible.