HPST webinar: Extension of the product line of the SPE Extrahera

30. 6. 2022 - 30. 6. 2022




Topic: Extension of the product line of the SPE Extrahera
Date and time: 30.6.2022 at 13.00
Lecturer: RNDr. Jindřiška Dolinová, Ph.D.
Language: Czech
Duration: 30 minutes

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Dear customers,

We invite you to a Czech webinar dedicated to the sample preparation before chromatographic analyses – Extrahera from the Swedish manufacturer Biotage. Extrahera is a compact sample preparation apparatus incorporating several basic types of preparation processes

– Liquid-to-liquid extraction using solid material (SLE)
– Solid phase extraction (SPE)
– Protein clotting and removal of phospholipids (PPT/PLD)
– Filtration
– Hydro DME+ (dual mode extraction, biological sample can be hydrolyzed in situ in column)

The product line of the Extrahera has been extended by another model HV-5000, which is designed for processing samples on SPE boxes with volumes of 3, 6, 10 and 15 ml and for samples in volumes of milliliter units.

The machine is suitable both for the processing of samples of biological fluids and for applications in the environment.

At the webinar entitled “Extension of the PRODUCT LINE of the SPE Extrahera”, which will take place on Thursday 30.06.2022 at 1 pm, we will remind you of the overall overview of the Extrahera models and you will get acquainted with the new version of the SPE machine HV-5000.

We are looking forward to your participation
Jindriska Dolinova

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