HPST webinar: New types of pure and ultrapure water systems of Stakpure

8. 9. 2022 - 8. 9. 2022

Subject: New types of pure and ultrapure water systems of Stakpure
Date and time: 8. 9. 2022 (Thursday) at 1 p.m.
Lecturer: RNDr. Jindřiška Dolinová, Ph.D.
Language: Czech
Duration: 30 minut

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Dear customers,

we invite you to a Czech webinar dedicated to the expansion of the product line of pure and ultrapure water systems of the German manufacturer Stakpure. The German manufacturer Stakpure has expanded its successful line of Omnia pure and ultrapure water system with new Omnia xstouch Blueline products.

The highly successful innovation of water makers brings several undeniably excellent innovations to the Omnia product range:

  • Less space-demanding unit – width 24 cm x depth 31 cm x height 41.5 cm
  • Integrated water tank with a volume of 7 liters for immediate delivery of purified water, in which water quality is ensured by its regular circulation
  • A new type of Optifilltouch touchscreen maker controller located on the moving arm of the ultrapure water dispenser

The webinar entitled “New types of pure and ultrapure water producers from the German manufacturer Stakpure“, which will be held on Thursday, September 8th, 2022 at 1 p.m., will include an overview of the current offer of the Stakpure manufacturer and the conversion of new models of pure and ultrapure water systems.

We look forward to your participation
Jindřiška Dolinová

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