News and Trends Agilent Technologies 2019

20. 3. 2019 - 20. 1. 2019
Prague Clarion Hotel

News and Trends Agilent Technologies 2019

We kindly invite you for the seminar: News and Trends Agilent Technologies 2019, which traditionally will be devoted to current news form the Agilent World. And in this year it is really something to waiting for!

When: Wednesday 20. March 2019
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova 33, 190 00 Prague

Program: will be available at the begining of February 2019 here:

Registration form:  (due to organization reasons, please register)

This year the program was divided for 3 parallel sessions – Chromatography, Spectroscopy and Molecular and Cell Biology with demo room.

Section CHROMATOGRPHY (sál Tycho + Kepler)

  • We present you the new Agilent GC and LC/MS systems, other presentations will be focused on applications, software, HPST trainings, real cases.

Section SPECTROSCOPY (sál Aquarius)

  • Includes atomic and molecular spectroscopy, mass spetrometry with ICP, applications, news and instrument presentation. You will have the possibility to acuired with the Autumn new product Agilent UV-Vis CARY 3500.

Section MOLECULAR  and CELL BIOLOGY  (sál Taurus)

  • the wide filed of genomic and diagnostics (PCR, quality/quantity control DNA&RNA etc.) cell analysis and microscopy, bioinformatics etc.

Demo room for Molecular and Cell Biology

You will see the following instruments:

  •  TapeStation 4150 and TapeStation 4200  Agilent Technologies – for control of water quality. You can also test your own sample of DNA or cfDNA
  •  3D Cell Explorer od Nanolive Microscop – bring your own cell sample


  • You will also meet representative from Wasson-ECE CZ s.r.o. company
  • and you can meet with LABICOM team 🙂

We are looking forward to see you!

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