News and Trends Agilent Technologies 2022

9. 11. 2022 - 9. 11. 2022
on-line, and in Prague Clarion Hotel

We invite all fans of chromatography, spectroscopy and molecular and cell biology to our traditional Agilent Technologies News and Trends seminar, which will take place on November 9th, 2022 both in person at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague and online, as the lectures from Liquid and Gas chromatography and Atomic and molecular spectroscopy will also be streamed. The Molecular and Cell Biology and Microscopy section will be face-to-face only this year.

This year’s seminar will be divided into 3 sections, namely Gas and Liquid Chromatography, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy and Genomics and Cell Biology and Microscopy, which will be extended by a demo room dedicated to Nikon microscopes and bioinformatics consultations.

Participation in the seminar is free.

Date: 9 th November 2022 from 9.00 a.m., registration from 8.15 a.m.
Place: in person at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Online: login to the stream channel on the day of the seminar – it will be published here and at the same time all registered users will be sent a login link to the specified e-mail

We are preparing a program for you.

Registration form here

Bioinformatics consultation
If you are interested in meeting our bioinformaticians Tomáš Hron and Mária Šurinová as part of the seminar and discussing your specific case and data, please contact Tomáš Hron,


What news can you look forward to? We choose from the lectures…
Gas and liquid chromatography
Increase the IQ of your LC/MS triple quadrupole: New Agilent 6475 (Jitka Zrostlíková, HPST, s.r.o.)
Multimodal HPLC phase offered by HPST (Irena Palíková, HPST, s.r.o.)
News in GC/MSD: Intelligent mass detectors and HYDROINERT ion source (Růžena Penížková, HPST, s.r.o.)
Prevent problems in HPLC using Agilent accessories (Andrea Vernerová, HPST, s.r.o.)
Agilent Capillary Flow Technology – Agilent capillary flow technology (Daniel Sander, HPST, s.r.o.)
SPE machine Horizon 5000 for the processing of aqueous samples and its application – offer from the manufacturer Biotage (Jindřiška Dolinová, HPST, s.r.o.)
and much more

The section will also include the OpenLAB CDS 2.7 Client-Server Demo, which Michal Novotný will have in the lobby and will be available to you in case of questions. It will introduce you to the virtual installation of four chromatography machines in the OpenLAB CDS environment. An example of the wiring diagram and the benefits associated with server installations.

Program CHR
————————————————– ————————-

Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
nGauge – atomic force microscopy on a chip (Martina Háková, HPST, s.r.o.)
Application advantages of ICPMS QQQ (Tomáš Fojtík, HPST, s.r.o.)
SPE in sample preparation for ICP-OES and ICP-MS (Irena Palíková, HPST, s.r.o.)
ICP-MS as a detector in speciation analysis (Martin Juříček, HPST, s.r.o.)
Rare earth metals (REE) as an analyte or interferent in analysis by ICPMS SQ vs. ICPMS QQQ (Tomáš Fojtík, HPST, s.r.o.)
ICP-MS Agilen (Jan Marek, HPST, s.r.o.)
and much more

AAS program
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Cell biology and microscopy
Multiplex detection of respiratory viruses from saliva and smears without the need for isolation (RNDr. Václav Navrátil, DIANA Biotechnologies, s.r.o.)

Hands-on experience using the DBdirect™ COVID-19 Multiplex RT-PCR Kit (Diana Biotechnologies) for direct
diagnosis of Covid-19 from saliva without the need for RNA isolation (Radek Šíma, Bioptická laboratorio s.r.o. Plzeň)

Welcome artificial intelligence to your laboratory – automation of karyotyping and FISH analysis (Iva Adamová, HPST, s.r.o.)

Effective use of low-coverage whole-genome sequencing in the detection of selected chromosome disorders
and CNV – screening and diagnostics in one package (Gabriel Minárik, Medirex a.s., Bratislava and Trisomy test s.r.o., Nitra, Slovakia)

Possibilities of automating diagnostics based on massively parallel sequencing (Petr Vácha, HPST, s.r.o.)

SureSelect – universal tool for targeted genome and transcriptome analysis (Petr Lněnička, HPST, s.r.o.)

and much more

Program BIO
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The section will also include a dedicated demonstration room
– presentation of Nikon microscopes (if interested, check this option in the registration form)
– bioinformatics consultations (if interested, contact )

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