Seminar at SLOVNAFT 2019

6. 6. 2019 - 6. 6. 2019

We cordially invite you for the seminar, where you be acquainted with the LABICOM portfolio of consumables and small laboratory equipment. We would like to also introduce you to our new communication platform LABICOM e-shop.

WHEN: 6.6.2019, at 9:00

Vlčie hrdlo 1
824 12 Bratislava

The part of the seminar will be demonstration of the equipent and presentation about:

  • Materials for sampling
  • Standards and reference materials, chemicals
  • Dispension of liquids (pipettes, dispensers, syringes, …)
  • Consumables for sample preparation (filtration, SPE)
  • Consumables for chromatography and spectroscopy
  • Small laboratory equipment for sample preparation and analysis
  • Instrumentation (SPE instruments, preconcentration of samples, injection systems for GC and HPLC, gas generators, TOC, UV-VIS spectofotometry, etc.)

Demoinstruments and equipment:
BottleTop Dispenser 1-10mL (DR-10), Sample evaporation LabEva (NK200-18), Micropette 100-1000uL (SVA-600), Vortex MIX-28+ (MIX-28), GilAir Plus pumps (910-0903-EU-R/615-0905-01-R), Accessories for magnetic vortex.


The seminar language is czech. Small, delicious food is a part of the seminar.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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