Série Biotage webinářů. Vývoj metod přípravy vzorků pro biologické matrice.

10. 2. 2021 - 3. 3. 2021
webináře on-line

Systematic Sample Preparation Method Development for LC-MS/MS Assays is presented by Biotage as a 4 part training course for laboratories analyzing clinical or forensic specimens using mass spectrometry. It offers a proven, systematic approach to fast and efficient sample preparation method development. The research scientist acquires the knowledge and tools to develop sample preparation methods based on specimen type, compounds of interest and their properties with a minimal number of experiments. The series is presented by Biotage applications and senior applications chemists with many years of practical experience.

Date: 10. 2. 2021, at 13.30 EST (19.30 CET)
Date: 17. 2. 2021, at 13.30 EST (19.30 CET)
Date: 24. 2. 2021, at 13.30 EST (19.30 CET)
Date: 3. 3. 2021, at 13.30 EST (19.30 CET)
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