SPE EVOLUTE EXPRESS, HYDRO and ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+– from basics to applications

1. 4. 2021 - 1. 4. 2021

Subject: SPE EVOLUTE EXPRESS, HYDRO and ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+– from basics to applications
Date and time: Thursday – 1. 4. 2021 from 2.00 p.m.
Lecturer: Irena Palíková, Ph.D.
Language: Czech
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Video of webinar who can watchHERE.

Dear Customers

the sample prepration could be crucial for you analyses. At the webinar you find out what is beneficial about SPE EVOLUTE EXPRESS, HYDRO and ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+ products of Biotage.

EVOLUTE® Sample Preparation Products contain advanced water-wettable polymer-based sorbents for extracting drugs from biological fluids. Developed specifically for analyte quantification by LC-MS/MS, EVOLUTE sorbents provide a highly effective solution to the problems of ion suppression and matrix effects from dirty extracts.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE columns and plates eliminate traditional conditioning and equilibration steps, saving time and solvent costs with the fast Load-Wash-Elute procedure.  By combining a cleaner SPE sorbent with an innovative hardware design, they make sample prep simple and more consistent from sample-to-sample.

EVOLUTE® HYDRO SPE products enable in-situ (in-well) hydrolysis of urine samples, reducing sample handling and improving efficiency.

ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+ columns and plates provide extremely efficient removal of matrix components and hydrolysis enzyme from urine and other biological fluid samples, using a simple pass through workflow.

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