Summary of vials
  • Autosampler vials
    classic vials:
    – clear and amber glass with/without label, with scale
    – screw neck with wide and narrow opening
    – snap vials
    – shell vials
    – crimp neck vials
    – special high recovery vials with different volumes and design
    —  champagne vials, clear and amber glass, different design
    —  X vials a nd X vials Precision
    —  Versa vials, clear and amber glass
  • Kryovials
  • Reaction vials, different volumesagilent logo
  • Headspace vials crimp and screw
  • Inserts for different types of vials, made from different materials

The summary of most popular types of vials from significant manufacturers you can find in our catalogue – Catalogue of LABICOM vials. We also recommend catalogues of vendors: Agilent Technologies,  J.G.Finneran, Macherey-Nagel, SMI-Labhut, Microsolv Technologies, La-Pha-pack, Supelco, Wheaton, or you can contact us via e-mail.

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Vials and other consumables LABSTORE

In the frame of Altium group we decided to present you our own quality brand of vials and caps Labstore. Vials are made from borosilica glass , the full results of XRF analysis you can see in our office. Vials are suitable for most of autosamplers and for manual use in daily routine. Due to good price you do not have to clean your vials…


RSA logoVials for trace analysis
AQTM RSA vials and inserts

Reduced Surface Activity Glass Vials (RSA vials and RSA inserts) are manufactured with RSA Glass™ have reduced surface activity due to the elimination of the layer of silica that results when vials are normally manufactured and many of the surface metals that contaminate analysis and have detrimental effects on your results. Those vials are manufactured without using any coating of any type making them an excellent choice for LC, LC-MS, GC and GC-MS compared to coated vials for many applications.

The study about adsorption & pH change comparison to market leaders you can find in RSA Vial Study.

RSA vial RSA 2Advantages:

  • minimalizace sorpce na skle, stabilita a excelentní reprodukovatelnost složení  roztoků
  • prevents pH changes and sample hydrolysis
  • glass is suitable for biological samples, basic proteins and other compounds
  • very low content of Na, Ca, Al, B
  • excellent for standard storage
  • 2 µl residual volume (stand for bottom narrow vials)

For that type of vials you can use classic or special AQR caps. Two types of vials are available: screw and crimp (snap), neck 9 mm. More information you can find in the catalogue MicroSolv RSA vials, or in MicroSolv Autosampler Vials and Caps.

AQ vial RSA 2AQTM  (Advanced Quality) vials and inzerts

Manufactured from special glass with low content of ions, based on borosilicate 33 Expansion, Type 1, class A. Vials were developed for quality control  and research laboratories. The entire manufacturing process is ISO Certified. Similary as RSA vials are an excellent choice for LC, LC-MS, GC and GC-MS.

  • Vilas are delivered in two types: screw and crimp vials (snap), neck 9 mm.
  • More information you can find in catalogue MicroSolv Technologies
Classic vials for daily laboratory routine
krimp vialCrimp vials

for manual use and autosamplers

  • classic and “snap” neck
  • clear and amber glass
  • different type of inserts or use of conical vials with round pedestal glass
  • champagne vials
  • caps, 11 mm, aluminium, magnetic, special caps for „snap“ vials
  • „snap“ vials made from glass, PP or TPX
Vialky sroubScrew vials

for manual use and autosamplers

  • type of neck 8, 9, 10-425, choice of different color caps and sept with 8, 9 or 10 mm diameter
  • clear and amber glass
  • different types of inserts or use of conical vials with pedestal glass
  • champagne vials
inzert5 inzert6 inzert2 inzert3 inzert4 inzert1Inserts
  • used for 2 ml (resp. 1.8 ml) and 4 ml vials
  • mostly glass + some parts made from PP, or PP inserts
  • when you chose your insert please remember not only the volume of the vial but also the neck, if it is narrow or wide
ChampagneChampagne vials

(volume 1.5 ml or 3.5 ml)

  • clear and amber glass
  • used for injection of very low volume samples
  • it is not neccesary to use inserts
  • crimp (and snap type) and screw (8, 9,10-425 neck)
  • vials, septa with diameter 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm for 1.5 ml vials
    and 13 mm septa for 3.5 ml vials
  • champagne vialks – residual volume 15 μl (for 1.5 ml vials)
    20 μl (for 3.5 ml vials)
X vialX-vials
  • perfect for low volumes up to 300 μl
  • could be used in autosampler
  • crimp classic and „snap“ neck, screw neck
  • residual volume 10 μlX vial 2




X vial precX-vialky PRECISION
  • perfect for low volumes up to 250 μl
  • could be used in autosampler
  • crimp classic and „snap“ neck, screw neck
  • residual volume  5 μlX vial prec 2(1)



Vials for sample storage
  • volumes 4 ml, 8 ml,12 ml,16 ml, 20 ml (two types: narrow/tall and wide/short),viálky uchov vz
    40 ml and 60 ml (proper for TOL analysis)
  • clear and amber glass
  • preassembled caps with septa or without
  • different septa’s types


headspace1 (1)6 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml Headspace vials – crimp
  • celar or amber glass
  • crimp cap 20 mm
  • vials with flat or rounded bottoms (according to HeadSpace system)

Different type of caps – aluminium with different hole diameter, magnetic, bimetalheadspace2



10 ml, 20 ml Headspace vials – screwheadspace3
  • volume 10 and 20 ml
  • used with 18 mm screw cap – SS or magnetic

Detail information about septa and caps you can find in the section – septa, caps.



Micro-reaction vialsMikro reakcni
  • conical tapered interiors
  • together with miniinert valve it could be used for sample storage
  • borosilicate glass manufactured, thick walls
  • with full cap or cap and septum
  • volumes: 0.1 ml, 0.3 ml, 1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml



Mininert on/off valvesMininert1
  • special closure with switch ON/OFF  and septum
  • perfect for closure of calibration standards, air- or moisture-sensitive fluids, derivatizing reagents, or volatile chemicals
  • take a sample through septum with syringe
  • valve material – PTFE
  • screw-cap Mininert valve for vials 13, 15, 18, 20 and 24 mm
  • crimp vials with internal diameter 20 mmMininert2
  • crimp-top valve for 14/20, 19/22 glassware slides into the neck of the vial
  • with thread
  • you can also buy spare septa



certan vialkyCERTAN®  vials

Unopened glass ampoules are ideal for storing volatile standards.  CERTAN® capillary bottles can be cleaned effectively and thus reused many times. A simple washing apparatus is used for cleaning. Firstly the bottle is set on the capillary then pressure from a standard nitrogen (or argon) gas cylinder pumps the solvent (toluene is recommended) through the capillary into the CERTAN®bottle and by spraying from the capillary it washes the bottle (as well as the capillary itself) completely. After all the bottle is first dried by the nitrogen flow, then should be heated in a suitable oven at approximately 150-200°C for two hours. Finally, the remaining vapour of the solvent inside the bottle is removed by the dry nitrogen flow.




Versa vialsversa vial2
  • used for autosampler but can be used also as a storage vials for a sample
  • eliminate the problem which is when you use the classic vials with crimp caps



Top Hat with caps
  • proper for wide neck vials R.A.M. with 9 mmcap.Top hat
  • with 8 and 13 mm caps.



Shell vials
  • available also as PP vials with flat and conical bottomshell vial
  • volume from 500 μl up to 4 ml


These type of vials is widely used for Waters autosamplers – Waters Shell Vials WISP. For detailed information and how to choose the right vial and septum please contact us via  e-mail.

The offer of sample tubes and sample storage glassware you can find in the section Laboratory consumables.