Start Honewell Research Chemicals through LABICOM!

Dear Customers,
you already can order chemicals of Honeywell (before as a Sigma-Aldrich). In the portfolio you can find standard chemicals to laboratories, chemicals for KF titration, highly pure solvents for chromatography and other.

The list of Honeywell products you can find here and very soon in our LABICOM e-shop.

For inqueries you can contact us at:
Orders you can send at:

Responsible person:
Orders, logistics and special offers: Bc. Svatava Kvapilová,
Information about products: Mgr. Jana Kaufmanová,

Attention: Currently Honewell is switching of the logistic center in Germany from Sigma-Aldrich place to the new one in Hamburg. Additionally the new webpage of Honeywell is continously updated. We would like to  ask for patience for the current situation. We believe that very soon everything would be working smoothly.

Within the link above, you can find:

  • alphabetical list of chemicals of brands: Honeywell Fluka, Honeywell Burdick&Jackson, Honeywell Riedel-de Haën, Honeywell Hydranal, Certificates of Analyses, Safety Data Sheets



  • Product numbers are the same as were for products from Sigma-Aldrich
  • When you find your product you can control the availability and download CoA (Certificate of Analysis). Click on the number of chosen product e.g. 34481












  1. – CAS number
  2. – Packing Size
  3. – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  4. – Product Availability
  5. – you can search also for the Certificate of Analysis (CoA)


Do you need more information? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.